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Rules of the Nest


Rules of the Nest

Last updated August 26th 2016

General Rules


1. Remember that this is an English forum. Do not post in any other language.

2. Post into the correct category - if you're unsure, pm a staff member

3. Use the code BUTTON to code your links - do not use the URL button OR the codebox

4. Do not post images that are pay per click - you will be banned immediately if you're found posting this type of images

5. If you find a dead link on the forum DO NOT bump the topic by replying that the link is dead. Use the report button to alert a staff member

6. Be respectful of other members. Do not post racist/politically loaded comments on our forum or start or be involved in any flame wars with other members! Rudeness will not be tolerated and rude posters will be banned without warning.

7. No Swearing! Please don't swear on our forum, it will result in an immediate warning increase and can end in a ban if it continues!

8. Ensure that your avatar and or sig aren't offensive - if you have to think about whether they could be offensive, choose another image or text!

9. ONLY use the default colour text in your posts. If we change skins, or other members are using different skins, your post in different colours could be rendered useless as it blends into the different skin and cannot be read.

10. DO NOT use this forum as advertising for your forum or website! I pay for my hosting, and I won't supplement your advertising costs!

11. DO NOT argue with staff - arguing about actions taken by staff will have you banned!

12. DO NOT post serials on this forum. If a serial number is needed for your post, then add it to a text file and upload it!

13. NO URL masking is permitted on this site period! DO NOT post links masked with any kind of redirect - your links must be direct from File host etc or you will be banned without warning - no exceptions!

14. DO NOT post links from n.a.k.i.d.oDOTcom (without the dots) - this download site is not believed to be safe

15. DO NOT post more than ONE item per topic - if you have multiple games etc then each needs to have its own topic unless you are posting an AIO

16. Ensure ALL app posts contain the version number in the title, and do not post OLD versions, newer versions ONLY


17. English Only language on this board


Spamming will not be tolerated at Owl's Nest! Whats spamming you may ask?

- Posting continuously ( on other topics that does not relate to its category )

- Posting ads all over the forums

- The selling of cheap premium accounts is considered spam

- Posting links to other forums rather than links to downloads is considered spam. This includes Web hosting. Referrals. Affiliation. Warez forums. Sites that require registration, subscription or a fee to access. Sites that contain links that can be posted here but poster requires users to go their own links to benefit from advertising

- Posting links without some kind of description is considered spam. Posts must have some kind of description

If you spam the board you will be banned without notice

Posting images

- Do not post images that are offensive - sexually oriented images will be deleted without notice and the poster given a warning point

- Don't post images From Pay per view sites

Image Tagging is allowed

- if you post images from other sources (ie linked to a software site, linked to a blog or other forum) your post will be deleted and you will receive a warning point, repeating the offence will see you either moderated or banned.


- Members are permitted to request other members help them locate items, however requests should be posted into the correct category and will be ignored if the member has not made a minimum of 7 posts

- DO NOT pm staff asking them to locate items for you

Quick posting guidelines

ALL posts must contain some kind of information!

Appz must have product descriptions

Music posts must contain a tracklisting

Movie posts must contain either a link to the imdb or have a description

Games must have either a description or images

Book posts must have images and a description

Just posting links is considered SPAM on this forum!

Subjects.that.look.like.this. or in FULL CAPS are NOT permitted! Please remove dots etc and add spaces so our search engine doesn't have a coronary trying to work out what is being searched for! We also DO NOT put the kind of file in the subject (ie RS HF etc)!

The Staff of Owl's Nest hope that you enjoy your stay with us and become an active member of our community, our rules may change as our forum grows, so please check back every now and then so you don't get banned because you've broken the rules.


Owl's Nest Staff